The best for your health – expertise, experience and the joy of interacting with people make the Praeveneo team. We give our best every day in order to reveal sustainable solutions for a healthy life.

Dr. med. Wolfram Pfeiffer

Senior Physician, Praeveneo
Specialist in Internal Medicine
Sports Medicine

“There is no contradiction between enjoyment and good health.” says Dr. Wolfram Pfeiffer, senior physician and founder of Praeveneo. As a specialist in Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine, he creates individualised, balanced health concepts for each client.

Dr. Pfeiffer brings more than 25 years of experience and leadership in the field of Preventive Medicine to his role as Director. He is a founding member of the German Academy for Preventive Medicine (DAPM) and a regular speaker at conferences, seminars and congresses.

As a nature and wine lover, he balances out his professional life by spending time with his family and friends, enjoying the outdoors and sports, in particular running.

Dr. med. Martin Pitzer

Specialist in Internal Medicine
Specialist in Occupational Medicine

Motivating our customers as partners eye-to-eye for long-term, active health promotion is the goal of Dr. Martin Pitzer. As a specialist in Internal Medicine, Pulmonology and Occupational Medicine, and occupational physician, he wants to convey a desire for health.

Dr. Pitzer has practised preventive medicine for more than 15 years and can incorporate his experience from many years of clinical practice with focal points on intensive care, emergency medicine, and respiratory medicine. An enthusiastic preventive medicine practitioner, he is a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sport- und Präventivmedizin [German Society of Sports and Preventive Medicine] and the Berufsverband Deutscher Internisten [Professional Association of German Internists].

In his free time, Dr. Pitzer engages in athletic pursuits. Furthermore, he loves to eat well and travel the world with his family. In the process, he combines his passion for travel with his hobbies: hiking, diving, and photography.

Dr. med. Michael Bardutzky

Specialist in Internal Medicine
Sports Medicine

“Health isn’t everything, but without health, everything is nothing” – that’s the motto of Dr. Michael Bardutzky. He is an internal medicine specialist with a focus on sports medicine and he has also practised preventive medicine since 2005.

With his many years’ experience, Dr. Bardutzky offers comprehensive examinations and advice on all crucial preventive medicine topics. For him, the most important thing is to recognise and encourage individual strengths, while also naming and allowing weaknesses. His goal, despite all current prohibitions and commandments, is to develop an individual strategy in order to be able to survive as a human being amidst increasingly complex life circumstances.

Dr. Bardutzky balances out his job through classical music and nature – whether on his mountain bike, in hiking boots or on a motorcycle. Thus, the Black Forest, the Alps, and Sardinia have become his second home.

Isabell Mayer


“Health is the harmony of internal and external”. This is why preventive medicine, as practised at Praeveneo, is important to Ms. Mayer.

Ms. Mayer completed her training as a medical assistant at a practice for paediatric and youth medicine. She has been at Praeveneo since November 2016 and simultaneously assists our partner SAP as a medical assistant. In addition to her professional activity, Ms. Mayer is studying to become a business administrator for health and social work.

Ms. Mayer finds the healthy balance between her professional and private lives by engaging in recreational activities such as sports, cooking, and travelling.

Sabrina Wößner

Deputy Team Manager

Ms. Wößner has been Dr. Pfeiffer’s assistant since 1997. After completing her training as a medical assistant and a position as the lead medical assistant at ias Prevent, she has served Dr. Pfeiffer as his assistant and team manager since the establishment of the Marktplatz location. After her maternity leave, she has been part of our team once again since 2014, serving as deputy team manager.

Convinced of the concept of holistic, preventive medicine, she is pleased about the many possibilities that Praeveneo offers its customers.

“It’s a joy to live out this concept and persuade our customers of it in a relaxed atmosphere, with a highly motivated team. For our health is the most valuable thing we have.”

Ms. Wößner balances out her professional life by spending time with her family, bicycling, and jogging.

Sina Kappler

Medical Assistant
Deputy Team Manager

“That which touches us deep inside is the most valuable thing that there is to protect.”

With this motto, Ms. Kappler helps Praeveneo accompany its customers on the path to maintaining their health and wellness.

Ms. Kappler did her training in a specialized cardiology practice. After working at the SHR-Klinikum Langensteinbach and in the private cardiology practice of the Arcus Sportklinik Pforzheim, she has assisted the Praeveneo team with medical examinations since 2012 and serves as deputy for Ms. Tschierschke and Ms. Wößner.

She places special value on performing careful examinations and creating a feel-good atmosphere for customers during their examinations.

Simone Rieß

Medical Assistant

“Healing is good, prevention is better!” This is the professional motto of Simone Rieß. After completing her training at an internal medicine practice and employment, among other places, in a rehabilitation clinic and at a health insurance company, she has been a member of the Praeveneo team for years, performing examinations and working in the office. “I work at Praeveneo because I am enthusiastic about the preventive medicine concept here.”

When she is not working, Simone Rieß likes to spend the time with her family. A good book helps her fill up her energy reserves. And sports are part of her personal daily prevention concept.

Katja Becker

Medical Assistant

“People who don’t do something for their health each day will someday have to sacrifice a lot of time on possible illnesses.”

As a trained medical assistant, Katja Becker has been working with Dr. Pfeiffer since 1995. In 2016, she received her qualification as certified prevention advisor and, in this context, in addition to her employment at Praeveneo, she offers courses as a “running coach”. “My concern is to motivate people personally and help them achieve their athletic goals.”

Her source of energy is her family and her children. Ms. Becker also engages in numerous athletic pursuits.

Jennifer Schüle

Medical assistance

“There are a thousand illnesses, but just one health.” Still more people should live with this thought and develop their own awareness of a healthy lifestyle and the preventive measures it requires.

As practice manager and team manager, Ms. Tschierschke coordinates processes at Praeveneo and assists customers in their striving for a healthy lifestyle.

After completing her training as a medical assistant in an orthopaedic physicians’ practice, Ms. Tschierschke has been part of our team since November 2013. She quickly became the team manager and is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts in Health Management.

Ms. Tschierschke balances out her professional life and studies with literature and various athletic activities, such as jogging, bouldering, and Muay Thai.

Renate Huber

Service and Breakfast

Ms. Huber has been part of the service department of the Praeveneo team since 2011 and she enjoys preparing a healthy, fresh breakfast for our customers.

At home, she enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing, while engaging in her many interests, including yoga, working in the garden, and reading.

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